Body Measurement Tracker Version 1.9.2 Released!

The latest version of Body Measurement Tracker includes two exciting new features:

  • Data Export/Import - users can now export their measurement data to Google Drive for their own analysis and for future import into another device!  
  • Custom Measurements - users can now create their own custom measurements and start tracking whatever data is of interest to them!

Download the latest version on Google Play and Amazon.

GYMer version 2.7.3 Released!

GYMer version 2.7.3 has been released and features several bug fixes and user interface improvements.  

If you have any complaints to suggestions about the app, please leave a comment below. 

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Version 1.8.2 of Body Measurement Tracker Released

Body Measurement Tracker 1.8.2 includes several minor bug fixes, as well as a much improved picture interface (for those all important progress photos), and a much improved user interface!  As always the application is designed with ease of use in mind so that you can enter your target body measurements in record time.  Be sure to keep the application up to date for all of these new features! 


Upcoming Releases:

  • Custom Fields:  Several users have requested the addition of custom fields so that other elements may be tracked, such as blood pressure.  If you concur or have a similar suggestion of your own, please feel free to leave a comment below.  
  • Automatic BMI Calculation:  Automatic calculation of the BMI based on Height and Weight is coming in a future release.  

Random Workout Generator 1.0 Released

Random Workout Generator has been released on Google Play and on Amazon.  

The app generates Cardio, Kettlebell and Weightlifting routines automatically based on the user's input.  The app also guides the user through the workout and allows them to keep track of the weight used and reps achieved.  Workouts can be named and replicated at a later date.  The app includes an interval timer and automatically tracks the time spent working out as well as an estimate of the calories burned during the workout.  

10 Ideas a Day App for Android

Entrepreneurs everywhere are talking about how transformative the practice of generating and writing down 10 ideas every day can be.  If you are trying to become an idea machine you should become a beta tester for the newly released 10 Ideas a Day app for Android.

10 Ideas a Day for Android is designed to allow you to capture and organize your ideas and has now been released in Beta.  Click Here to become a beta tester!

GYMer version 2.6 Released!

GYMer version 2.6 is now available on Google Play!  The layout of the History tab has been greatly improved for viewing your progress on your latest lifts with ease.  

This update includes more than just an updated look and feel.  You are now able to create workouts with different weights for each set of an exercise, and you are able to reorder the exercises within a workout.  

Thanks to all the users who have suggested these changes.  Please keep the suggestions, ratings and reviews coming!

The GYMer Rest Timer Has Been Upgraded

The latest update of GYMer (2.5.4) and GYMer Pro (2.2.3) includes a considerable improvement in the rest timer.  Several users have experienced the timer stopping on its own when other apps were open on their device, taking up system resources.  The timer is now a service that runs in the foreground and will place a notification in the notification drawer as long as the timer is running.  The timer should continue to run even when the demand on the operating system is high from other applications. Upon completion of the timer, your default Alarm tone will play for 2 seconds, and your device will vibrate, if it has that capability.  As always, if you do not want the timer to play a sound on completion, simply go to settings and uncheck "Play Timer Sound."  

Getting To Know GYMer

GYMer was designed to allow you to keep track of the most critical components of your weight lifting workout on your Android device.  GYMer is intended to be simple to use, easy to set up and quick to start.  For instance, if you want to use one of the built-in routines, you can start your workout with a single click.  Just click the "Play" button for one of the routines listed on the main page.

Once there, you are presented with a tabbed layout with a tab corresponding to each exercise.  Within each tab, each row corresponds to a set of the exercise.  Here you can adjust the weight used for each set, which defaults to the values predefined in the routine.  You can then enter the reps achieved for each set from the dropdown under "Reps."  If you have completed the set for the current routine at some prior date, the values recorded for the Weight and Reps will be shown beneath the dropdown aligned with the title "Last Time."  

That's it!  GYMer is really that easy to use.  You are now on the path to maximizing your weight lifting gains.