GYMer 2.5 Released - Now With Updated Plotting

Version 2.5 of GYMer has been released.  My original vision for GYMer was for a smart phone app that would be as easy to use as pen and paper yet with functionality beyond the notepad.  The primary function that makes GYMer stand out against the competition has been the ability to graph your progress for each lift.  Frankly, I've never been 100% satisfied with the graphing options available for Android and subsequently within GYMer, but the graphing capabilities in version 2.5 of GYMer have finally matured to my satisfaction.  The plots are now much more easy to interpret and have a well-padded, clean design.  

If you downloaded version 2.5 and experienced problems, please upgrade as soon as possible.  There were some bugs reported upon release that were promptly fixed.  


Body Stat Book 1.4 Released

Version 1.4 of Body Stat Book has been released that includes a few minor bug fixes.  Some users experienced problems with the visibility of the measurement categories on a variety of devices.  A solution to this problem has been included in this version and has been verified on some of the problematic models.  Please do not hesitate to provide feedback on future instances of this or any other issue.  Thanks to any users who have experienced this problem and stuck around.  Keep tracking those body measurements!