Getting To Know GYMer

GYMer was designed to allow you to keep track of the most critical components of your weight lifting workout on your Android device.  GYMer is intended to be simple to use, easy to set up and quick to start.  For instance, if you want to use one of the built-in routines, you can start your workout with a single click.  Just click the "Play" button for one of the routines listed on the main page.

Once there, you are presented with a tabbed layout with a tab corresponding to each exercise.  Within each tab, each row corresponds to a set of the exercise.  Here you can adjust the weight used for each set, which defaults to the values predefined in the routine.  You can then enter the reps achieved for each set from the dropdown under "Reps."  If you have completed the set for the current routine at some prior date, the values recorded for the Weight and Reps will be shown beneath the dropdown aligned with the title "Last Time."  

That's it!  GYMer is really that easy to use.  You are now on the path to maximizing your weight lifting gains.